What Is Data & Analytics?

We are a member of the partner networks of Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon Web Services. We have successful projects for manufacturing, retail and wholesale, healthcare, banking, telecoms, and other industries. 



A Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Competency partner, Holmex Trade LP offers a comprehensive kit of data analytics services to convert our customers’ historical and real-time, traditional and big data into actionable insights. We have the successful projects for manufacturing, retail and wholesale, healthcare, banking, telecoms and other industries.


Companies using Data Analytics that can convert data into meaningful insights would evidently be the winners in this hyper-competitive world. Any company harnessing the benefits of Data Analytics can beat its competitors without a hitch.

There are enterprises for whom data analytical tools are the most important weapons in their arsenal. They make use of data in order to build customer profiles to serve them better. This way, they can provide a very customized experience to their customers.

Since they work on ads, they need to know the pulse of their users by making sure that the ads are up to date in terms of customization and other aspects.

Data Analytics is one of the vital aspects that is driving some of the biggest and best companies forward, today.

We support companies that would like to own their analytics solution, be it in-house or in-cloud one. We also support the companies that prefer relying on a trusted outsourcing partner, skip the technicalities part, and just enjoy the insights. Therefore, we offer two cooperation models:

Implementing a data analytics solution

Under this model, we provide our customers with an enterprise-wide analytics solution consisting of a data lake for big data (if required), a data warehouse, OLAP cubes, and reporting. As a result, the customer owns the solution and can continuously benefit from the insights it produces.

Data analytics outsourcing

In this case, our customers share their data with us and we take care of the rest – data quality management, infrastructure, and data analysis. When the analysis is done, we provide the customer with a detailed report containing the findings and recommendations on how to improve the status quo.